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Some Lyrics of ER Frequencies

Yemane Barya
Sennai :
legends are destined not made
purpose is sought after not relayed
some live 2 chase it
find and face it
like the torch they light it
during a struggle
even wors dismantle
the enemies' scheme
during the oppressive regime
Yemane was the musical journalist
reportin live from the hearts of the victims
narrating the woes imposed by the system's
tactical maneuvr
to devour the innocent by the hour
i remember
when his tapes were smuggled
those caught with it got stranggled
or imprisoned
cuz yo his words were well seasoned
for revolutionary initiatives with derivites
tracin back to every man's right to not just exist but life freely
yemane stood by his beliefs faithfully
no one is immune to mortality
but our souls will hold on to his words eternally
I remember getting captivated
by Yemane's chantin to get emancipated
2 young 2 analyze but I understand when
words of revolution thru tha stereo

playin' it all in my head like a video
as a refugee in Kassala
with uncertain future
yemane painted the exact picture
of the struggle in exile
and Ere about life becoming E'RE
i watched as my father
actualized what yemane sang about
i had no doubt
that Eritreans will get what they sought
and that is freedom and justice
to put an end to the malice
Yiba u showed me with actions
what yeman had me hearin'
my 2 mentors just know that i am carryin'
your essence in my soul
heroes never fall
heroes never fall
heroes never fall
so naturally i am dedicatin' what i am rhymin
to the ERitrean Bob Marley
whose sound stood with us faithfully